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Origin and a brief introduction of Sonaha caste:

According to the elders of the Sonaha caste, it is said that the Sonaha caste was descended from the Thakuri. They say that a man had seven sons, the younger of who went to the river one day and when he looked at the water he saw much fish and he started thinking of some ways to kill those fish. And when he looked closely at the fish, he saw that there were nets in the carcass of the fish, and he weaved the net according to the map and threw it over the fish. However, as he belonged to the Thakuri family, the work was not in line with the values ​​of his family, so he was advised not to do that work. However, he ignored the advice given by his family and continued the profession, so his family expelled him from his family and society. As a result of which his profession is related to water, the Sonaha castes say that he was named Jal Thakuri instead of Thakuri. What is Sonaha even now? When no one understands that, Sonaha introduces that it is Jalathakuri.

According to the elders, Jal Thakuri used to fish on the banks of the river at night. One day, while he was fishing in a boat on the river bank at night, a strange thing happened and a procession of gods arrived with a large number of Baja Gaza and Doli. Then they started telling us to shift to the rhythm of the song. And he shivered in fear. The goddess, who was sitting inside the dolly, did not give the gold, and she put her finger on it and some gold fell from her finger to the ground. And the woman who gave the gold said, “Run away from here immediately, otherwise there are some monsters in the procession coming from behind. If they see you, they will eat you.” He then fled immediately and did not get a chance to collect the gold that had fallen there, so he tried to find the gold that had fallen from his hands and gathered the materials. He dug sand in the head of the fallen gold and put it in a wooden dud, but he could not find the lost gold, but he managed to get natural gold from the sand. That is why he is now involved in this profession, which is why he was nicknamed Sonaha because he was neglected by Thakuri, according to the elders of the Sonaha caste. But no written evidence of this has been found.

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