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  • Transparency:  SBS is committed to full transparency and good practice standards in its work including financial transparency.

  • Accountability: SBS takes ownership for its actions and adheres to the highest possible standards of accountability.

  • Poverty sensitive: SBS positively discriminates those living in poverty and enables them to improve their quality of life through increased access to community-based development like as; Education, Health & Wash, and various income-generating activities.

  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI): SBS ensures to make GESI a key priority across all its policy and implementation work. The approach aims to release women and the excluded groups from existing social, cultural and institutional barriers so that they can realize their potentials and enjoy the benefits of development.

  • Community participation: SBS emphasizes the active participation of local communities and local institutions in the planning, construction, management, and operation and maintenance of implementation systems to ensure ownership, effective use, and sustainability of the systems.

  • Integration of  community-based development: To bring in maximum use benefits, SBS ensures that the community-based program interventions are integrated with various projects.

  • Sustainability: SBS emphasizes making Community Developments Programme interventions sustainable by seeking community participation at every stage of the project cycle, building their capacity to take ownership of their development and providing them opportunities for socio-economic empowerment.

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